Jasmeen & Rich | Beautiful Sikh Wedding | Venue 92

        The Beautiful Sikh Wedding

        I knew Jasmeen from an old job of mine and I met Rich at their engagement shoot. The chemistry was so apparent, and I enjoyed working with them both times. Here’s a link to more engagement photos of mine. Anyways, they had a beautiful Sikh wedding at the wonderful Venue 92 in Woodstock. The groom rode in on a horse early in the morning. Then all the guests were outside to welcome and celebrate his arrival. There was a plethora of rituals that accompany any Sikh wedding. Jasmeen had gorgeous mehndi all over. It was an all day celebration that was as ornate as it was exhilarating but more on that later.











        traditional indian wedding

        bride and groom sitting

        Lavaan Pheras

        Beautiful Sikh Wedding

        wedding recessional

        Double the Outfits

        The couple had two they switched between halfway through the day. There’s a Sikh tradition called Sadaa Suhagan where the bride changes into a new outfit and jewelry gifted to her by the groom’s family. Both of the outfits were incredible. Their beautiful Sikh wedding was simply striking. They looked stunning from beginning to end.

        Traditional Sikh Groom

        Traditional Sikh Groom Details

        Traditional Sikh Bride

        Traditional Sikh Bride Details

        Traditional Sikh Bride

        Traditional Sikh Bride Details

        Traditional Sikh Couple

        Sikh Couple Laughing

        Wedding Details

        Sikh Bride and Groom

        Sikh Bride and Groom Laughing

        Sikh Bride and Groom Laughing

        Dance Till Dawn

        I cannot remember another wedding last year that partied as hard as these guys did. There were two dancing areas with two DJ booths and I’m not making that up. The first dances were tearful and beautiful. After those were done it was hours of dancing and the stamina of all the guests was astounding. The music changed from Indian to modern and back again all night. Everyone was so into it and the dance floor was never empty. It was so cold because it was late November, but nobody seemed to mind at all. They had a sparkler exit at midnight and there were still guests dancing up until that point. Finally they left in a gorgeous Rolls-Royce. It was such a classy end to the night.

        first dance bride groom

        first dance with mom

        father daughter dance

        crazy wedding dancing

        crazy fun dance party

        sikh wedding dancing

        indian girl dancing

        creative wedding photographer

        athens georgia wedding photographer

        sikh bride dancing

        black and white wedding exit

        rolls royce wedding exit



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        Christian Turner
        October 30, 2017