Athens, Georgia Wedding Photographer

        I’m an Athens photographer who has shot weddings both across the country and around the world. This will give you a good “highlight reel” for how I work. Check out more of my work here for some previews of what full days with me are like. I’ve written about each wedding to help place you there and follow along with each couple’s story. If you think you’re set then send me an email and let’s get started. There’s a FAQ section on that page to help answer some of the top questions couples have.
        My pricing and packages are also here. I want to be as upfront and forward with all my information because I want to respect your time and I realize that planning a wedding is not always easy. I want to help take things off your plate so you can rest easy knowing I’m handling the photography. If there is anything I didn’t cover, or if you guys are ready to chat more email me to get the ball rolling. Finally, if you guys are in the Athens area and want to meet let’s grab coffee!