Lauren & Leslie | Downtown Brewery Wedding | Eventide Brewing

        The Downtown Brewery Wedding

        This was one of the more fun and interesting weddings I’ve been a part of. It started with a first look at Historic Fourth Ward Park however this first look was different than any other I’d seen before. After I got Lauren in position, Leslie showed up to surprise her in a Star Wars BB-8 suit. The reaction was great on several levels and it was a really sweet moment. Their downtown brewery wedding was at Eventide Brewing in Grant Park. I love brewery weddings because they’re usually self-contained and really interesting to shoot at and around. For more wedding photos of mine checkout this gallery.

        same sex first look

        star wars first look

        bb8 star wars first look

        lesbian first look

        grant park first look

        eventide brewing

        eventide brewing wedding

        eventide brewery beer

        eventide brewery diagram

        wedding details atlanta

        bride seeing bride crying

        bride walking down aisle

        modern brewery wedding

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        same sex wedding celebration

        wedding recessional

        Love Love Love

        I had a ton of fun shooting their portraits. They both were full of personality and weren’t afraid of any idea I came up with. That kind of trust I never take for granted. It’s not always easy being in front of a camera especially intimately. So when a couple lets me in I’m thrilled. It’s obvious in the photos when a couple is comfortable and in the moment. We shot in Grant Park and around the brewery. The wide array of beers they had made for a colorful backdrop (they tasted incredible too).

        brides wedding portrait

        wedding jewelry

        grant park wedding photo

        historic fourth ward park wedding

        brewery wedding

        same sex couple laughing

        Downtown Brewery Wedding

        eventide brewing wedding

        negative space wedding photos

        best georgia wedding photographers

        Nighttime at Eventide

        I loved their reception. There was a toast from a member of the Atlanta Bike Coalition explaining their story and how they met. After the portraits, toasts, and all the reception rituals were over the dancing set in. Everyone took to the middle of the room with drink in hand. After a while I snuck them out to take some nighttime portraits of them. The sky was a deep blue and the flood lights on the venue allowed me to light them well even though it was so dark. They left on a tandem bike and rode off together. It was an awesome and unique end to a killer wedding.

        outside brewery reception

        same sex first dance

        georgia gay first dance

        wedding conga line

        bride dancing

        wedding guests dancing

        wedding guests laughing

        brides laughing

        lesbian wedding laughing

        eventide brewery downtown

        artistic wedding photo

        creative brewery photo

        wedding bike exit

        tandem bike exit

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        Christian Turner
        September 3, 2017