November 5, 2017

Daniel & Lin | Dreamy Fall Wedding | Summerour Studio

Morning in Tuscany

This dreamy fall wedding took place at Summerour Studio, and it is seriously my new favorite venue in Atlanta. It is nestled in midtown right behind the bourgeois Atlantic Station shopping center, and you can view the inside of it for yourself here. The details were perfect from the David’s Bridal dress to the blinged-out Badgley Mischka pumps. Lin and Daniel chose to have their exactly the way they wanted. It is the number one thing I always encourage my clients to do. When you make it completely “your own” you always end up have more fun and clients who are less stressed end up collaborating with me the most. You can see some of my favorite weddings photos on my gallery page.

wedding dress hangs at summerour studio

wedding rings stacked

bedazzled shoes from behind

summerour studio wedding venue

Meeting my Clients

When we met for coffee, in the planning stage, this was something we covered. I talk about meeting all my clients on my FAQ section. I think this personal connection is important. After reaching out online an in-person meeting is best to gauge both the personalities of you, the couple, and mine. This connection is key when the wedding day actually happens. You should know how your photographer handles stress and unexpected situations. You don’t want someone losing it when the rain inevitably shows up, and likewise a photographer does not want to deal with a couple that won’t mesh well with their personality. Every photographer is not perfect for every couple and that’s okay. I have worked hard to set my style apart and try to attract the clients who I know will most want to work with me.

groom wearing navy suit

bride with flowers smiling

groom seeing bride first look

wedding couple in shadows


The Dreamy Fall Wedding Ceremony

This dreamy fall wedding absolutely gorgeous. The details were perfect and meticulously organized. The wide-open studio floorplan and exposed brick made for a hip and inviting venue. We never left the venue for any of the portraits. After the reception we circled the building and knocked out all the portraits there. I asked them if they would prioritize the portraits and make sure we would have plenty of time for them. Then the portraits went exactly as planned, even better than I could have hoped. Lin and Daniel were down for all my ideas and we did theirs as well.

By collaborating creatively with clients this is what I mean. I talk about it more on my info page, but what I mean is simply giving and taking creatively. That way we come out with something better than either side expected. I try to capture a good mixture of the candid and the creative. You can’t go wrong with a simple kiss on the cheek or “throw your arms around each other.”

bride and couple walking down stairs

dreamy fall wedding

couple having their first kiss

couple recessional

Posing “Tricks”

One of my favorite tricks is to tell the couple to “love up on each other.” What this does is prompt them to be affectionate as they normally would. I’ve had couples that are super touchy-feely in front of the camera and others that aren’t so much so to paint with broad strokes and simply have 5 poses you cycle through every couple would do a disservice to their unique relationship. Now, I can always direct but I never like to nit-pick poses. This isn’t a yearbook headshot so I don’t like to micromanage. When I tell people to “love up on each other” I’ve gotten everything from simply holding hands all the way to some pretty intense making out.

These sorts of photos vary in outcome but the joy and comfort the couple feels always is the same. After that I tried a silhouette that I was especially proud of because the space was a bit constraining outside. It was not the biggest space so you have to think on your feet and be able to do a lot with a little. Later, as sun finally set we successfully completed everything we wanted. We could not have asked for a better day.

couple laughing and looking at each other

couple kiss outside

silhouette of bride and groom

bride kissing groom

groom fixing suit

couple laughing in davids bridal dress

couple walking

couple kissing by window

dream fall wedding

The Dreamy Fall Wedding Reception

After the portraits Lin & Daniel descended to the dance floor from the giant staircase in the middle of the room. After some first dances and some toasts we had dinner. I especially love the bridal party table. It seemed like it was a royal family’s meal or something taken out of Game of Thrones. The dimly-lit scene was incredibly inviting and the wood everywhere was lovely. It was one of those weddings that just made you feel like you were part of the family. It just felt warm. The dance floor was lively and the photo booth stayed busy all night. Lin and Daniel made their way around to every member who came from near and far and there was such a relaxed vibe throughout the night at this dreamy fall wedding.

In Conclusion

The whole day was a success and I was thrilled to be there. Because I had my good friend Cameron Flaisch shooting with me the whole day was spent making jokes and having a great time. I am very proud of this wedding and a lot of things came together perfectly. So this is why I love meeting with my clients beforehand and develop and connection with them early on. When they feel comfortable letting me do what I want how I want then we get to really create something cool. Again, I’m thankful for clients who continue to trust me and continue to let me in on their very special days. I do not take any of it for granted and I love having the coolest job in the world. 2017 was an incredible year!