April 19, 2016

Emily & Hunter

I love engagements.

The portrait portion of the wedding day is my favorite, so engagements are just that — but with less stress and more casual clothes. I’m pretty adamant about wanting to collaborate with my clients. That is exactly what I got to do with this shoot.

Atlanta wedding photographer arabia-mountain-engagement-shoot


atlanta wedding photographer water-reflection-kiss-shot-of-couples

atlanta wedding photographer explore-georgia-couples-shoot

atlanta wedding photographer black-and-white-flare-creative-silhouette

atlanta wedding photographer georgia-park-engaged-couple

Atlanta wedding photographer davidson-arabia-mountain-state-park-couples


Emily is a close friend of mine.

She holds a special place to me as it relates to my business. When I started years ago, I had been doing a lot of concert photography and was working for my college’s newspaper. I got good at documentary work. However, people terrified me. How on earth could I direct someone? I was so used to being the “fly on the wall” and not interacting with my subjects. When I decided to plunge into portraits, she was one of my first shoots. She was incredibly patient with me and has always let me do my own thing.


atlanta wedding photographer Canon-50L-portrait-couples-kissing

atlanta wedding photographer top-engagment-photographer-in-georgia

atlanta wedding photographer best-of-georgia-engagement-shoot

atlanta wedding photographer sunflare-cinematic-portrait-of-georgia-couple

atlanta wedding photographer arabia-state-park-creative-flower-photo

atlanta wedding photographer forehead-kiss-with-sun-flare-arabia-park

In the beginning, I was very much still finding my “voice.”

I really didn’t have my own style at that time, and throughout the years she and I would go on various shoots as I tried to bridge the gap between what I had in my head and what I wanted to produce. We would go back and forth with ideas, which made the process a lot less scary when I was starting out.


atlanta wedding photographer black-and-white-romantic-portrait

atlanta wedding photographer Stitched Panorama

atlanta wedding photographer close-photo-of-couples-clothes

Atlanta wedding photographer beautiful-couple-with-no-shoes-in-atlanta




Fast forward to present day.

I’m much further into this and I feel like I have my own style and I’m shooting her engagement portraits. It feels both exciting and nostalgic. Before the shoot, we chatted through location ideas like we used to and both settled upon Arabia Mountain State Park. None of us had been there before, but it seemed like a perfect place to try something new. I also tried shooting with a Canon 50L, which I never do. I find that focal length incredibly uninspiring, but I love nothing more than a challenge — and this was the shoot to do it.


atlanta wedding photographer best-engagment-photographer-in-georgia

atlanta wedding photographer symmetrical-georiga-couple-portrait

atlanta wedding photographer wanderlust-couple-at-barn

atlanta wedding photographer gorgeous-park-engagement-shoot

atlanta wedding photographer very-best-georgia-wedding-photograher


I’m kind of eating my own words here.

Most of this set was shot with the Canon 50L, and I was incredibly pleased with it. The bokeh has character and it’s pretty sensitive to flaring, which is nice. I tried a little bit of everything with them, and we got a lot done in just a couple hours. Emily and Hunter were amazing to work with, and I’m so excited for their wedding at Frost Chapel in the fall!


Atlanta wedding photographer canon-50L-portrait-on-engagment-shoot

atlanta wedding photographer black-and-white-freelensing-couple

atlanta wedding photographer emotional-engagement-shoot-atlanta-couple

atlanta wedding photographer silhouette-of-couples-dancing

atlanta wedding photographer last-kiss-at-sunset-silhouette