Destination Wedding Pricing

        $2,900 + Travel (Airfare/Lodging/Car)

        I love to travel and consequently destination weddings may be my very favorite kind. I'm half-Colombian and as a multi-cultural photographer I love capturing these unique weddings. I have shot weddings in Aruba, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and later this year I will going to the island of St. Croix for another one. I realize the big undertaking of planning and executing the perfect destination wedding. I'm experienced and ready to go and do whatever you guys are down for wherever in the world that may be!

        Destination weddings are not like traditional ones, obviously. You're not getting coverage for just one day. There is usually a welcome party the day before, wedding the next day, and a day-after shoot (or trash the dress) the following day. So it's 3 days of coverage you're getting. Since we've all made the effort to be here abroad we really try to take advantage of that. Alongside the coverage you'll get online gallery hosting and the printable high-res photos just normal. Travel expenses are not included (flight, car, airbnb).