Hey, I'm Christian.
        Husband. Father.
        Your Photographer.

        I am a creative wedding photographer living in Athens with my wife and our daughter. I aim to bring something new and fresh to each wedding, and I want to make yours something you'll love looking back on for years to come. I want weddings that are full of personality and life. I want to dance with you guys, laugh with your guests, and document true connection between people in love. If you want the same thing then keep scrolling!

        HOW I SHOOT


        If that excites you, we're off to a great start. Now, don't get me wrong, I still take all the sorts of photos you want to see in a wedding day. I take getting ready photos, details, and even family photos. I'm not anti-tradition I just do things in my own way. I don't follow trends. I won't shoot a Pinterest-perfect wedding that's both overexposed and devoid of color. There's no problem with that style, it's just not me. I lean towards warmer tones and tend to edit how I felt and remembered the day.

        I like extremes. For instance, I love both vibrant colors and moody black and whites. I love super wide portraits where my couples are just part of a scene as well as super tight portraits that give you a feeling of experiencing exactly what they are. Whenever faced with a new shot I often imagine 5 other photographers there, and I ask myself "what's the one shot they're not getting?" That's the mindset I work with. If you're looking forward to being a part of the creative process then I think we'll work well together!


        Forget what you've seen on Pinterest and forget what you've seen on Instagram. I want to document a couple over a ceremony and a relationship over a reception. Let's make your wedding exactly what you want it to be.

        PACKAGE 1


        • 6 Hours of Coverage
        • Online Gallery Hosting
        • Printable High-Res Digital Photos

        PACKAGE 2


        • Full-Day of Coverage
        • Online Gallery Hosting
        • Printable High-Res Digital Photos



        • 2 Hours of Coverage (15 guests max)
        • Online Gallery Hosting
        • Printable High-Res Digital Photos

        A la Carte
        Second Shooter – $600
        They are there as long as I am. I do not need them to do my job completely. However, what it would offer you is 1) more candid photos as well as 2) alternative angles of the same shot (i.e. close & wide first kiss shot). I always use other professional wedding photographer who are experienced and whom I trust.


        Extra Hour Of Coverage – $150

        Each extra hour allows you to have more buffer time in case things run late or you would like more coverage either on the front or back end. If you added a second shooter to your package they will also stay for any extra hours that you purchase.


        Engagement Shoot – $450

        A session  with 2 hours of coverage, online gallery hosting, and the printable high-res digital files emailed to you.

        Physical Items
        Wedding Album – $400

        A 12×12″ leather-bound photo albums with lay-flat binding. It is genuine Italian leather and comes standard with 20 spreads (40 pages). Extra spreads are available ($30 each). View album here


        USB Drives – $30

        They are name-engraved, wooden USB drives with all the high-res, edited images.
        Unplugged Ceremony – $100 discount
        An “unplugged wedding” is where you ask the guests to not use their cell phones during the ceremony. It allows the photos I take to be unobstructed, and it helps everyone engage more fully with your special day. It is by no means mandatory. It is just a discount that I offer.

        ARE WE A GOOD FIT?

        Fingers crossed

        When you hire a photographer, it is not just about the style of their work, but it's also about their personality. We'll be spending all day together, and it's important that we get along! There's not going to be a perfect match between photographer and couple every time, and I'm not ever offended if you don't hire me. I would much rather find couples who resonate with both me and my photos. I highly encourage that we either meet in person or through Skype before booking so that we can get to know each other a little better.

        I want you to have the best wedding you can have, and I want you to be well-informed when making your decision. Also, I have a ton of other photographers I can recommend if we aren't a right fit. I am totally an extrovert who loves to hang out with the wedding party all day and will definitely end up on the dance floor with you by the end of the night. I'm also super flexible and fun throughout the whole wedding. I try to keep spirits high and help to reduce stress where I can. You should enjoy your wedding day!