Christie & Micah | Hidden Hollow Resort

        Family & Friends

        These two had an intimate Georgia Summer wedding at Hidden Hollow Resort. A mutual friend of ours owns the venue, and there was something about the entire day that just felt nostalgic. It was a indeed an intimate wedding not so much in the sense of private or exclusive moreso familial, like an event shared by a close group of friends. I have not laughed as often during a wedding day as I did during theirs. Everyone was so clearly excited for them, and if you didn’t know who Micah & Christie were you probably couldn’t have guessed who was actually getting married. Every person there was just in such a great mood, and you could tell this was going to be a good time.

        groom gets dressed in cabin

        groom hanging out with his groomsmen
        groomsmen portraits

        bridesmaid portraits

        First Look In The Woods

        When I get married I do not think I want to have a first look. I love seeing all the pent-up emotion of the day culminate as the groom finally sees his bride for the first time. However, that is not the case when I’m photographing weddings. I love shooting first looks so much because they are so short and sweet. I’ve written about them before. Also, I provide creative direction and am able to frame the moment how I’d like. It’s always a bit trickier when you’re the only photographer there since you want to capture both angles, but the reveal of the groom’s face is the best pay-off. Micah was filled with nothing but love and awe.

        There is nothing cooler to me about being a wedding photographer than to get to be a part of such intimate moments of peoples’ lives. The access is the best part of the job. I’m afforded a more interesting experience to work with, and it is in those moments where truly unique, and more meaningful, images can be captured. I will never get used to those moments or take them for granted.

        bride walking to first look

        groom sees bride for the first time

        romantic first look in the woods

        The Intimate Georgia Summer Wedding

        The ceremony for their intimate Georgia Summer wedding was by a lake on the property, and it was beautiful. There was live music and Scripture-reading as well as plenty of singing and laughing. It was the kind of wedding that gives you hope and makes you really value what’s important. There was not an excess of decoration which I love at weddings and their friends were involved in the ceremony in some way. It is centered around the couple and there is a coming-together of both families to make such a day happen. The emphasis remains on the two, and it’s such a refreshing thing to be a part of.

        bride holding her bouquet

        rings on wooden block

        ceremony program

        bride and father walk down the aisle

        intimate georgia summer wedding

        incredible first kiss

        newlyweds smiling at each other

        happy recessional

        Portrait Hour

        They knew how this part was going to go since they had been in front of my camera before. I love to give my clients a little bit of what they expect and a little bit of what they don’t, and I want to be innovating enough to where my couples will feel both surprised and satisfied. Their intimate Georgia Summer wedding was an early one with a 5pm send-off time so golden hour wasn’t going to happen today. All that means is that we had to get a little creative with our lighting and composition including some tilt-shift- portraits and maybe a double-exposure thrown in there.

        creative couple stand in from of canoes

        bride and groom on dock

        couple stand on bride in forest

        couple share a moment on a bridge

        couple laughing

        creative wedding double exposure

        Everybody Dance Now

        Friend filled the afternoon with dancing and talking. It looked like a pretty traditional wedding from the outside (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc), but it felt more personal. The bride and groom had no assigned seating. They just sat at whichever table they could find a seat, and they had the chance to mingle with everyone which is rare. Most couples are seated away from guests and it is very regal and antiquated that way. Again, this was not your normal wedding. Greg Robbins and his band set the mood for the reception and after a couple hours of dancing they had a mid-afternoon send off.

        bride and groom enter reception

        couple laugh during first dance

        groom dips bride during first dance

        table with wedding cake

        guest book table

        engagement photos on string

        musician sings

        cabin at hidden hollow resort

        bride smiling

        bride bouquet toss

        summer wedding exit

        couple drives off

        Wedding Details

        Gear: Canon 5D mk3, Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART, Canon 135mm f/2

        Wedding Dress: Bridal Sense

        Jewelry: Family heirloom

        Shoes: DSW

        Make-Up: Herself

        Hair: Sarah Pierce & Chelsea Risley

        Entertainment: Greg Robbins

        Invitations: Annie Griffin

        Program: Erin Griffin

        Venue: Hidden Hollow Resort

        Cake: Alyson Herndon

        Food: Misty Eubanks

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        Christian Turner
        June 19, 2016