Tiffany & Brandon | LANCO Nashville Wedding | Mint Springs Farm

        The LANCO Nashville Wedding

        So this is actually my second LANCO wedding. I photographer Chandler, bassist, and Natalie’s elegant New Year’s Eve wedding a year ago. That was in Florida, and Brandon and Tiffany’s LANCO Nashville wedding was just as exciting. I knew most of the guys from the previous wedding and so the mood was already light and fun. The Mint Springs Farm was a gorgeous venue and it offered a lot of places to shoot getting ready photos as well as bridal party portraits. The ceremony spot was a killer wooden barn that let in a lot of light.


        creative groom portrait

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        brandon lancaster wedding

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        LANCO Nashville wedding

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        Greatest Love Story

        Their portrait session was absolutely beautiful. We chased down the last bit of light. Dusk settled in and it made for some really moody and intimate portraits. I took them far away from the venue to give them some good privacy. It had been a very full day, and I wanted them to have a moment alone together, for the most part. They danced on the dock and went back to the alter where they had just gotten married hours earlier. This time they were alone and we got some beautiful photos of them together.

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        brandon lancaster wedding

        LANCO Nashville Wedding

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        Take Me Home, Country Roads

        The reception was just as fun as the first part of the day. There were hilarious toasts and delicious food. There was a live bnd and square dancing! It was a great way to get all the guests involved. Afterwards there was plenty of modern music and classic wedding dancing. Then the last song of the night played. It was “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver. Everyone wrapped their arms around each and sung their hearts out. It was an amazing ending to the night. Finally, they left in a Cadillac Fleetwood from the 1950s. It was the coolest getaway car I’d ever seen a couple leave in.

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        last kiss of the night

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        Christian Turner
        September 17, 2017