Natalie & Chandler | Private Residence

All the Details

Natalie and Chandler had an elegant New Year’s Eve wedding. It was held at a private residence in Fort Myers Florida. Natalie is a fitness instructor and Chandler plays in the Nashville band LANco. The night before was filled with toasts, laughter, and a wonderful dinner. The morning of was taken slowly and it was fully enjoyed. Everything moved at a comfortable, and then after the wedding party pictures it was time to get married!

The Elegant New Year’s Eve Wedding

This couple had an elegant new year’s eve wedding that was perfect from beginning to end. The sun was setting right as the ceremony began and the giant tree in the backyard made the perfect backdrop for this occasion. Due to the large amount of guest and family members that want to be around the couple after the wedding I always try to steal them away for portraits. Also, it allows them to get a breather in and not feel so bombarded while they trying to pose for the camera. We had the perfect light at the very end of the day for our pictures, and I’m thankful for brides and planners who think ahead!

Ringing in the New Year

Since it was was New Years Eve they had an extra long reception. Everyone wanted to wait around to ring in the year. So after a wonderful banquet and more toasts everyone mingled by the pool for a bit. As a result I got some down time and I actually started to edit! There was about 5 more hours until midnight so there was nothing but time. Once new years approached everyone gathered by the fire with drinks in hand and smiles on their faces. We counted allowed in unison and everyone celebrated the first moments of 2017! Thank you for a wonderful year! You can check out the rest of my blog here.